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So one of my favorite groups released their new single yesterday entitled “Lemonade”. I love it! I’ve been rocking with Danity Kane since making the band before they were Danity Kane; lol so i guess you can call me a stan. Anywhooo this post was totally inspired by that song. I love the idea and the lyrics, they’re empowering and I totally relate.

I snatched up a few items from a few different events majority of the items being from the new round of Collabor88 which went retro this round. I also loved these kitties from Alchemy i named mines Noodles 😛 (Don’t be judging lol) They’re awesome, they actually walk long side you as your avatar struts :> You can grab you one from the new round of The Chapter Four. Lastly, the pumps featured in this post are from a new store called Glamistry; very nicely detailed and high quality footwear. They have an amazing program and tons of savings for their consumers with their priority being customer service. Matching your skin tone is incredibly easy with their amazing hud system which features tons of other features as well. The owner is awesome. If you haven’t already, please head over and check out his amazing products. I actually was given 3 VIP passes which gives you an amazing discount and I will be randomly sharing with some of my loyal followers ❤ Okay so I’m totally rambling now, but enjoy my new post and have an amazing weekend my loves! :*

“Ooh, these haters got a sour look upon their face
Lemonade lemonade
Lemonade lemonade
They lookin’ so thirsty
They might just need a drink
Lemonade lemonade
Lemonade lemonade”

I feel your eyes on me,
I like how it feels
I hope that you enjoy your five
But I’ll take it from here… cont.

Danity Kane- Lemonade

Listen here or on my playlist here on the blog :D!



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