Party Favors.


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♪♪♪Tinashe – Party Favors♪♪♪

New post! A few items from this round of kustom9 and No21. I loved these shorts so much I had to blog em twice 😛 I basically built my looks around them. I’m so excited to see more items being made for the Maitreya Lara body and with proper rigging. I’ve tried a few items that say they fit the Lara body… but when you walk a shoulder blade or something is protruding haha. Glad to say I can’t say the same for these shorts, they are perfect ❤ This hair from Bold & Beauty was also a fave. It frames my face perfectly. The textures are flawless and I love that the color packs come with options as well. Very well done. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who wears a mesh head. Til next time guys enjoy ❤




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