Rose up from the dead…

cdlc cover 03EDI 04

Soooo, I had a day off and I figured I’d crank out a post. So here we go. This bra by Addams was an absolute must have once I seen it roll down my flickr a few weeks ago. The detail on it is really dope, and If you purchase the fat pack the bra is pretty much completely customizable. It’s shown here on the hourglass body. I did have to calm my tits a bit and lower the size on them and they still look larger than I’d like. In comparison with the other rigs I found that the hourglass rigg looks a bit bulky, but none the less still an amazing piece.

I paired it with a kimono also, from Addams and my favorite pair of sweats from Represent. The shoes were at the past fetish fair and should now be found in the main store over at Sabotage. I have a thing for socks with heels, so I absolutely love these as well. They are shown here in green paired with the ever so dope Mohawk Earrings made by Seven.  I hope you guys enjoy!



Hair&scarf: Tram, Earrings: Seven, Necklace: Zaara, Ring: Bjewla custom, Bra: Addams, Kimono: Addams, Sweats: Represent, Shoes: Sabotage.

Poses & Props

 Pose on Cover: FOXCITY – Steamy (Tres chic)

Pose2: FOXCITY – Sitting (Limit8)

Pose3: Imitation – Ally

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn

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