A B O U T | V A I N



My blogging as well as my personal style is inspired A LOT by music and entertainment. Hehe I love my celebs! I love recreating different looks from different music videos and different things in pop culture etc. I also get inspired by color, I sometimes will find a piece i love in a bold color and build a look around it. Some of my favorite designers include.. Chanel, ARMANI, Alexander Wang, Alexander Mcqueen etc. So at times i may build looks around a look I’ve pulled from 1 of their lines as well as something I have worn in Real life. I hope you guys enjoy my blog!  😀

Inworld contact: Vain Redrose

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vainredrose/



8 thoughts on “A B O U T | V A I N

  1. your blog and your fashion style are adorable! even the songs! i will be so happy if you can tell me how edit your photos. actually i’m just asking for blurred backdrops. i’m interested in fashion too but my pictures not like this….sorry for my bad english. thanks so much !!! :)) (my sl name: houstatlantavegass and I’m owner “houstatlantavegas store” on marketplace.)

  2. I enjoy your blog for the nu nu fresh ish! Always stop thru before I go shopping.

    Like the music too.

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