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If you like my work, I am currently accepting sponsors and review pieces. Please feel free to contact me in world. I blog clothing, including appliers for omega and maitreya, hairs, shoes, and accessories. If I am not invited to your blog group or sponsored by your store; I am not bound by any means to blog your items. If they fit a certain style or look I am going for, i will use them. I am at liberty to use the items as I can. If I am sponsored by your store, I may not blog all items at once. Please be patient with me as I will blog them as I see fit for a look I am doing. I am not here for keeping up with the gazillion events you enter each month. If sponsored I will do my best to do your designs justice instead of throwing posts together for the sake of showcasing them. People tend to forget blogging is about creative freedom and self expression through YOUR style. This is my blog and I blog items as I see fit. I’m no ones slave. Blogging is a relationship with designer, one is not beneath the other. Yes, you are sending free items but I am also providing you a service. It goes hand in hand. Before sending review copies please PLEASE! contact me first before doing so. In most cases I will use items in looks while the pieces are recent releases not always though. Thank you :D!

In world contact: Vain Redrose



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