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*Blows dust off this thing* “Tap… tap is this thing on?”  lol Hey guys… it’s been a bit, and its been quite an eventful summer I’d say. All good, I promise! Best summer I’ve had in a couple years tbh and it’s not over yet! Just a quick minute to reflect… One thing I’ve really held onto growing these past couple years is to always focus on positive and when great things are happening inhale it, take it all in! Cherish it! Appreciate it. Even when things aren’t so good, take those lessons and grow, exhale and know that more positive things are on the way. This year alone I’ve grown so much. So much has changed. You learn that things or people that were great for you in the past, no longer need to occupy space around you.  Now I kinda realize what that whole finding yourself phase in your 20s or so is all about. I’ve found when you’re in a really good head space it’s harder for people or things to affect you. Everything is like a hair flip now lol. Like oh? he/she said/did what? lol *hairflip* So anyway… haha. That indifference and attitude is one of the things I learned and love most about me. Things I feared or said I never want, or would do, I’ve done. Also, loves… keep love around you and know that if something is not bringing you happiness it’s okay to let it go.

I decided to peek in here in SL. I recently received a gift with kick-ass graphics :D! So this is me giving it a test run somewhat. Took a trip to one of my favorite sims; Santaurio and took a few nice shots. A few things that immediately caught my eye upon returning to SL were the beautiful swimsuits fitted for the Maitreya Lara body; which I never take off btw lol. A huge thumbs up to Maitreya for creating this amazing body for us here in SL. Anywho, I’m babbling I hope you guys enjoy these shots and this post as much as I had fun jumping back into editing and blogging. Thanks for all the continued support my loves. It really means a lot. <33

Inhale the GOOD shxt… Exhale the bullshxt.



Style Kingdom Models Team Casting: SUMMER

SK summer close up

Head Scarf: Le Primitif – Head Scarf [Print 2]
Hair: CATWA –  HAIR Lee NEW!
Top: Zaara –  Natasha bustier (M) *canary*
Earrings: Erratic –  hoop earrings / gold
Necklace: Paper Couture – Dead Man’s Mask
Bangles: LaGyo – Maya bangles gold
Shorts: Ricielli – Highwaisted Leather Shorts /white NEW!
Clutch: Bens Beauty – Smyrna Clutch Bag – Camel
Shoulder wrap: LaGyo – Leather Shoulder Wrap Beige
Shoes: Co57 – Roxanne Suede Tiffanys NEW!

SK summer



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So yesterday was Halloween and like the big kid i am, I’ve been munching on Candy 😛 New post! Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween >;]


I also wanted to share with you guys and amazing post I did with my sister Vida from over at  —>

Style credits for this post can be found on her blog. Enjoy 😀