Justine Skye



Esque| Lagyo| Maitreya| Vexiin| Zaara

Okay, so you know how you’re in photoshop, and you either shuffle your playlist or… maybe listening on spotify. Then this song comes on… an old song you kind of forgot about and you just jam to it extra hard, and rape the replay button lol. Well that happened this morning you can be in a mood be it sexy, angry, goofey, what have you and you just feel that song extra hard. That happened to me lol. So This was a post i styled way back on Vday but I was listening to this song and said hmm.. creative juices began to flow and BAM! New post!

In all my new posts… I’ve actually been wearing the Maitreya Lara body styled with clothing. To me; it’s the best and most wearable body, being compatible with slink etc. (tsk tsk Shops). I loved my Shops body the curves and realism was on point! but the plus with Lara is… I have the best of both worlds; my slink and an amazingly shaped body. So, ultimately I crossed over to the dark side and grabbed up the Maitreya Lara Body as soon as it was released. I hope you guys enjoy my post. Muah!